1U Pure Copper Server Cooler
• Low profile passive 1U cooler
• Efficient skived fins
• Pure copper heatsink
• Spring loaded screws for safe retention
• Motherboard backplates for LGA115X
   and LGA1200
Low Profile Passive 1U Cooler
Save on space without hindering performance
Efficient Skived Fins
Skived fin heatsinks have a higher heatsink density which increases heat dissipation area as well as improving heat dissipation performance due to its high surface area.
Pure Copper Heatsink
Pure copper will help draw the heat quickly and efficiently from the processor onto the fins.
Spring Loaded Screws For Safe Retention
Loaded screws will ensure a reliable and stable connection making sure the screws don't get lose over time.


Socket Type Intel LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1200
Suggestion TDP (W) 95
Cooler Dimension 83 x 83 x 27 mm
Heatsink Material Copper
Installation Metal screws and retention plate
Weight 517g
Product Code AK-CC6313